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Serving the entire Connecticut area. David, the owner has over 27 years experience in Connecticut providing intercom solutions.

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Reduce liability and help keep your tenants safe from unwanted visitors.

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Talk directly with the owner at Audio Technical Services LLC. Intercom systems is what we do.

Brands That We Service

Aegis – Aiphone – Alpha – Apple Core - Auth DoorKing – Elbex – Enterphone – Graystone Housing Devices - Jeron – Keri – Lee Dan Linear – MCS – Mircom – Pach & Co. – Pacific Sentex – SES (Select Engineered Systems) Siedle – TekTone – Viking - Viscount…and more!

We sell, install and service top of the line intercom systems.

Audio Technical Services LLC

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Intercom Entry Systems | New Haven, Connecticut | Audio Technical Service LLC

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Audio Technical Services LLC

Looking for the right intercom and Intercom entry system for your residential building’s lobby? Do you have an existing intercom system you are looking to upgrade? For Intercom entry system sales and services in Connecticut, trust the professionals and experts at Audio Technical Services LLC where you will always deal directly with the owner.

About Us

Audio Technical Services LLC has been serving New Haven and the rest of Connecticut for 27 years, specializing in lobby Intercom entry systems and intercoms. We are proud to offer Intercom entry systems and intercom systems for residential buildings, such as condos and apartment buildings, bringing peace of mind to both building managers and tenants. We provide a single point of contact for all Intercom entryway and intercom system sales and selection, installation, and ongoing service and maintenance. Our top-of-the-line technologies and excellent customer service make us a top choice for anyone managing apartments or condos, and our expertise and years of experience means that we know what works best for tenants and building managers and owners alike.

Our Services

If you manage residential buildings in Connecticut, you are well-accustomed to all the responsibilities associated with caring for people and their homes. Not only will could you be liable for any theft or damage that could result from an unwanted visitor, but your residents could face significant loss or even danger as a result of an intrusion. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home, wherever they live, and Audio Technical Services LLC helps give the peace of mind that comes with our easy-to-use intercom and Intercom entryway systems.

We take the stress out of choosing the right Intercom entry systems and intercoms, handle all the installation, and take care of the ongoing maintenance to keep your intercom systems functioning perfectly for all your residents. David, the owner has been in the business for over 27 years and are experts in installation and service. After all, intercom systems are what we do. With David’s experience, he is well aware of what makes for a quality intercom and entryway system.

What Is an Intercom?

An intercom system is a stand-alone talkback communication system that can be installed in your residential apartment or condominium building that will allow for two-way voice communication using an electronic Intercom entry system device. Intercoms are circuited to transmit and receive audio transmissions, and in some cases video transmissions as well. This allows for communication between visitors and residents across entryways, lobbies, and tenant residencies. In addition, Intercom entry systems allow for brief remote disabling of door locks to allow entrance for wanted guests. This is what makes them convenient and secure for tenants and building managers.

Services (Continued)

Entry Systems as Security

For tenants and residents in multi-family buildings, such as apartment buildings and condos, Intercom entry systems provide an additional layer of security against unwanted visitors, while also providing an easy, safe, and convenient way to allow guests Intercom entry. There is a particular peace of mind that comes with using intercoms. When a visitor arrives in the lobby, they will be able to ring the appropriate resident address, and the tenant will then deny or grant access with the push of a button, releasing the lock system for Intercom entry. This enables residents to screen all guests for security and provide convenient access for delivery men and women, family, friends, and guests of all kinds.

Intercom and Intercom entry systems additionally provide peace of mind to the residential building community as a whole. It is best to keep building doors locked at all times, as this improves safety and security, and maintaining an entryway system ensures that lobbies and other entrances to the building stay locked throughout the day. In this way, tenants can rest assured knowing that their homes will remain secure whether they are at home or away, all the while their neighbors continue to allow guests to come and go safely and conveniently through the intercom Intercom entry system.

Entry System Upgrades

If you already have an intercom system in your building that may be a bit out of date, one of our team members can get you set up with one of several new options that each take advantage of the latest new technology. The right intercom system will work with the latest cutting-edge technology to provide the best overall entryway and security system experience for you and your tenants and add value to your Connecticut residential building. Whether it’s the ability to answer the intercom using your smartphone, or incorporating video feed into the intercom system, trust our pros with recommending the right upgrade to your existing Intercom entry system today.

Installation and Service

Whether you manage a small condominium, a large apartment building or any multi-unit residential property in Connecticut, you will benefit from a quality and professional Intercom Entry System installation. After choosing the right intercom system to suit your and your tenants needs, our experts will conduct a full and thorough installation of your intercom and Intercom entry system, whether you are installing one for the first time, or upgrading to the latest technology and top-of-the-line entry systems.

Not only will David get you up and running with your new Intercom Entry System, but he will stand behind the products to ensure your intercoms are always in perfect working order. For the safety and security of your tenants and their guests, it is imperative that your Intercom entry systems function properly at all times, and our team of pros can address any issues that may arise with your entry system in the future.

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Let us show you how our intercom systems can help you and your residents feel safe and secure. When you give us a call, you’ll be connected directly with David, the owner, who will be able to answer any and all of your questions and get you started today with your new Intercom Entry System. When it comes to Intercom Entry Systems in Connecticut, property managers have been trusting Audio Technical Services, LLC for over 27 years to get the job done right the first time! Contact us today for affordable and cost-effective solutions to your Intercom Entry System needs.